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2003-2008 Porsche M.O.S.T. Fiber optic AUX inputs

PCM - CDR23 - CDR24

aux pic

Figure 1

aux pcm aux 23 dummy 3

Figure 2

Figure 3

dummy cayenne dummy 1

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

The Porsche radio generation of PCM2, PCM2.1, CDR23 and CDR24 can be modified to allow for external audio input. There are no provisions on the rear for a simple wire connections for AUX input. We hard-wire connections inside of the radio. Once modified, the AUX audio will be full range and the equivalent to high quality FM reception. This AUX will in fact be processed as mono but exceeds the limits of standard FM reception. To use the AUX input, simply plug your 3.5mm male jack into the female jack as provided and the micro-switch will interrupt the FM and allow the AUX to be the audio source. When you wish to listen to FM, just unplug the AUX jack and the radio works as original. This is NOT an FM Modulated modification, this IS a hard-wired circuit modification. The pictures below show 2 different options. Figure 1,2,3 the AUX is in a cable which you can route anywhere you would like.  Figure 4,5,6 shows the AUX mounted in a dash dummy switch. If you would like the dummy switch option you need to send in one of yours with the radio.